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Macro Components, s.r.o. is the distributor of electronic components since 1992.

Apart from the distribution, since 2005 we dedicate to the complex services for smart metering business for the utilities in Czech and Slovak Republic.

Our first project, in 2005 in VVS, a.s. Košice we realized on technology Wavenis designed by company Coronis, France, now part of Honeywell/Elster.

The services we provide are complex and based on long-term partnership with our customer, energy supllier.

Macro Components, s.r.o. provide analyze of the satus, requirements than to propose the best radio technology, as the independent distributor, the best way how to collect and transmit data to IS of the utilities. The next stage is the deplyoment of radio technology, design and implementation of standart SW applications and we write the specific SW to meet the specifications of the customer.

Since 2005 , we have gained experiences and managed to design SW solutions for all relevant technologies availbale on the market – wMbus, Wavenis, and new one IoT LoRa, Sigfox,we are testing LTE, LTE-NB.

Cooperating with many world- wide manufactures of specific radio technologies , our recomendations for the technology are based on our knowledge, experience and best benefit for the customer.

Currently, there are 250 000 watermeters, gasmeters reed by Macro SW applications, by mobile data collector unit, available for OS MS Windows, Android.

Our aim is to offer one universal platforme for manual data reading, radio data collection or fixed network transmission, neither dependent on radio technology nor gas, water meters used. Our projects managed the data from gasmeters , watermeters of manufactures Elster, Sensus, Arad. Data from/to meters are processed in key information systems SAP or

References we can named are projects in water utilities in Slovakia – VVS, a.s. Košice, ZsVS, a.s. Nitra, PBVS, a.s. Povazská Bystrica, gas utilities – pilot projects SPP-D, a.s. Bratislava, RWE, a.s. Praha, MDP, a.s. Praha.

Macro Components,s.r.o. is system integrator of Lora provider Slovanet, a.s. Bratislava, Sigfox network provider Simplecell, a.s. Bratislava and partner of Slovak Telekom, a.s. , T-mobile, a.s. for NB IoT network.

September 2018
Boleslava Gaborikova, Dipl.Eng,
Managing director


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Macro Components s.r.o.

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+421 41 7634 181
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